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People are all different

Perceptions and interest are highly subjectives

We are no longer sensitive to mass-communications


1to1XMedia focus on audience engagement by segmenting clientsdatabase according to campaign objectives. We target each segments with personal 1 to 1 communication leveraging on content customization and full-cross channel solutions which include both digital (emails, personalized URL, QR and SMS) and printed media.

Campaign are design to pique the interest of the targeted audience, boost response and increase conversions while our platform manages all involved operations, from campaign rollout to post-campaign feedbacks and analytics.

1to1XMedia is used in diverse business sectors to fulfill each different business objectives: Increase customers base, Generate leads, Improve conversions and strengthen relationships with existing clients.


Higher conversion thanks to tailored campaigns


1to1Xmedia provides effective Up-selling and cross-selling solutions


The right channel FOR the right customer

Our skills


Change the way you think about print communication and experience the most powerful form of VDP.


Our digital marketing plans aim to select effective channels and media to reach the specific targets.


1to1Xmedia campaigns are fully integrated into social media platforms.


Measure your campaign performance with detailed reports and real time monitoring.

Our work

SBF Foundation Golf Day


Singapore Business Federation




1to1XMedia provided an off-line  personalized solution to create unique souvenir magazines to all of the participants.

The Challenge was to photograph the participants on the golf fairway, send the pictures to our graphic team, illustrate the cover of the magazine, print it and deliver to the golf club.

The operation took 3 hours, and the project was a success.

EO Magazine


Enterpreneurs’ Organization (EO)




1to1XMedia proposed ad-hoc solution with customized design for each person attending the gala. A personalized photobook has been printed for each delegate.

The agengy has also provided photographer to cover the daily event.

Our services


Target the audience of one

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Change the way you think about print communication.

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Stand out from the crowd

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An advanced technology to monitor and analyse inbound calls.

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Social Power of The Google Doodle

Social Power of The Google Doodle

The idea of brand logo management has always pretty much been ironclad — a logo can go a long way toward defining a company, but that logo had to be used consistently and correctly across all media, no matter its application.Then how has the recently crowned most valuable company in the world, Google, been so successful in undercutting that tenet of brand handling with its web-defining “Google Doodle” series?
Snap acquired Denobi

Snap acquired Denobi

Snap Ireland is expanding its digital marketing services though the acquisition of web design company Denobi. This follows Snap’s acquisition of The DG Group last year.

Denobi, which has been designing and developing web solutions since 2002 for clients such as Carphone Warehouse, ComReg and Impact Trade Union, will join the digital marketing team at Snap and will provide support to customers across the 20-strong Snap franchise network around Ireland.


5 Google+ Tips

5 Google+ Tips

Are you wondering how to meet more people on Google+?

Do you want to find and connect with influencers?

Google+ offers important networking opportunities that set the stage for future partnerships.

In this article I’ll share Five ways to cultivate Google+ relationships.


Social Media Is The New Blackhat

Social Media Is The New Blackhat

What happens when fake friends tell fake friends about your product? Does anyone care? Actually, yes. They care because of how intertwined Social Media and SEO rankings are. SEO best practices are and should be the foundation of any business’ online marketing strategy. However, Social Media is not stand alone and is an essential part of that SEO strategy. Social media can help boost an SEO ranking when there is tons of buzz being generated in social feeds.

recent study by Shareaholic, which tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic. But just like SEO, Social Media can have its dark side as well. The old trend was to try and scam Google using Black Hat SEO tricks and the new trend is to try and trick Google and users using Social Media as the New Black! And it’s backfiring on companies just like SEO did.


Marketers and IT Pros

Marketers and IT Pros

Wait, what? Only about one out of four marketers describe marketing and IT as strategic partners.

We thought we were in the“Marketing and IT, Sitting in a Tree…” era? All we seem to hear is how marketing and IT must work together, break down silos and even report to one another.


The 10 Questions to Ask Your Digital Partner

The 10 Questions to Ask Your Digital Partner

Any hotel that has a high revenue-generating website and a strong digital marketing strategy that drives direct online bookings needs a great hotel digital marketing agency behind it.

It’s challenging to find a good digital marketing partner these days. As more and more companies join the market as ‘experts in hotel website design and digital marketing,’ hoteliers are faced with a difficult decision. With serious revenues at stake, here are some questions to consider when deciding on who to partner with, or whether or not to stay with your current agency:


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