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Call Tracking

Winson Press is relying on AVANSER ( technology to perform call tracking services. We provide metrics and campaign analytics in order to measure the campaign effectiveness and to evaluate your returns on the total marketing costs.


Calls Source (Online Ads insights**)
Calls Volume
Call trends (hourly/weekly and monthly reports)
Geo-Location of Calls
Calls Duration
Calls Status
Missed Call Notifications
Real Time Data

** Ref. Advanced Solutions here below.


An added-value service possible is an automated announcement to identify the Ads Source that has generated the call (example "Lead from Google Adwords").

This additional service is the ideal solutions to those clients that are looking to boost leads generation while managing in more effective way multiple brand/products advertising and media coverage online. It is also possible to redirect the different sources and ads to targeted channel and direct numbers for improved positioning and exact targeting.