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Our Service

Marketing Campaign

To manage multiple channels and media in one
To increase customer shares (increase customers spending)
To create learning relationship with customers
To engage with the audience
To generate new leads
To collect meaningful feedback and improve CRM

People are differentiated by several factors, so that mass communication messages are no longer effective since are forcing one single message to an indistinct audience. Personal conversation with customers are difficult goals to assess. We run 1to1 marketing campaigns to translate these limits into solutions by managing multiple channels at once and consistently linking all together: printed materials, mobiles and online in one hassle-free campaign.


We capture campaign data from the client’s database or using our own. We start from the data variables included in the database to design individualised marketing messages, graphic and content.


We link the selected database information to our Variable Data Printing Technology to personalise the marketing material accordingly. Direct mailing can vary from personalised invitations, personalised catalogues to eventually include customised packaging.


Database information are linked to our 1to1XMedia platform to replicate individual communication across online channels. Email messages can be fully customized in their subject line, images, graphic content while including a personal URL the leads to personal web page.

Our platform reliability guarantees a minimum opening and click-through rates.


We use personalized SMS either as initial contact media or as reminder of previous reach out. SMS personalization involves: recipients name and link to a personal webpage.

A personalized link that is directing to a personal webpage, aiming to increase customers’ curiosity, propelling click-through and conversions while disclosing the value of a one-to-one communication to assess improved customers’ engagement.

1to1Xmedia software is managing multiple channels by consistently linking all together: printed materials, mobiles, and online in one hassle-free campaign management.


We design various landing pages according to campaign goals and levels of database specification. Each personal landing page will customised according to users’ choice, preferred criteria and database variable set.


1to1Xmedia campaigns focus on referrals potentials by including social media links and call-to-action button to incentive content sharing, generate new leads while tracking campaigns’ performances.